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  Design and prototype development of spring wings

computer-controlled pultrusion system

>> Production of fibreglass reinforced plastic profiles with our computer-controlled pultrusion system



Our expertise at TTI includes market-oriented product development, developing innovative production methods and facilities, and conducting tests of materials and products.

Our profiles are fabricated by pultrusion, an automated process for manufacturing composite materials into continuous, constant cross-sectional profiles. Pultrusion is suitable for mass production.


At TTI we also develop and produce innovative materials using renewable resources.

In addition to carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) and glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) our product range also includes natural fibre reinforced profiles.




Examples of natural fibre reinforced profiles

>> Production makes use of renewable raw materials


radius putrusion example

>> Fibre reinforced profiles finally „rounded off“




A brand new technology (Radius-Pultrusion™) enables the continuous manufacture of curved reinforced profiles from endless fibres and webbing. This modification of the well known pultrusion process makes it possible to produce endless circles and arches of any radius and lead- for example for the design of springs. It allows nearly unlimited application of fibre re-enforced materials for engineers and architects. The profiles can be reinforced by endless fibres unidirectional or with help of webbings or nettings in a bidirectional way. When using a bidirectional reinforcement the strict orientation of the fibres can only be provided on the level that is vertical to the deflection level. For all other areas, e.g. partition walls, formable webbings, or nettings have to be used.

For more information, download our brochure PDF-Datei (pdf, 301 kb).

During its first steps in the public at the Materialica fair, this technology won several prizes: Not only the "Materialica Design + Technology Award 2008" but the "Best of Surface/Technology" Award also. The story of success continued. In 2009 this technology was nominated as a finalist for the JEC Innovation Award.


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