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pullCUBE, the world’s shortest pultrusion machine, will be sure to attract massive interest in Paris when TTI launch their game changing new machine technology at JEC World 2020 in March.  At only 3.5m long, pullCUBE machines are around 75% shorter than existing pultrusion machines, allowing manufacturers to install machines without building dedicated new production halls.  The pullCUBE machines are so easy to transport and quick to set up, that they can be even be located at the job site itself, providing pultruded profiles with no length restrictions at all.

The new pullCUBE machine uses TTI’s patented moving mould technology and Radius Pultrusion process and can produce both straight and curved profiles with a much lower footprint than existing technologies.  Space saving is not the only benefit for manufacturers, as TTI have also redesigned the process to minimize set-up scrap and reduce production waste with mould cleaning purges no longer required.  pullCUBE’s unique fully enclosed design also makes it the safest pultrusion system on the market with operators completely protected from hot surfaces, grippers and cut-off saws. For more information visit our new website www.pullcube.de