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Founded in 1935 by Karl Thomas, the company was founded as a cabinetmaker's workshop. The company achieved its breakthrough with the invention of the wooden slatted frame in 1956, and the slatted frames marketed under the Lattoflex brand have always stood for back-friendly positioning and thus help to avoid back pain.
At the end of the 1990s, Thomas Technik und Innovation replaced its own invention with another revolution: The wing suspension. Plastic wings are clipped onto a glass-fibre profile and, in combination with the spring element, provide a point-elastic, ergonomic support for the sleeping person. The glass fibre profiles for this system were purchased at the beginning. Due to quality problems at the supplier of the high-precision glass fibre profiles, it was decided to produce the profiles themselves. This was the birth of the pultrusion process at Thomas Technik und Innovation. In addition to profiles for internal use, customer-specific profiles are also produced. Thomas Technik und Innovation revolutionized the fiber composite sector in 2008 with the invention of Radius-Pultrusion. This patented process made it possible for the first time to produce curved profiles in a cost-efficient pultrusion process. Since then, companies worldwide have been interested in this process and the pultrusion lines and profiles manufactured by Thomas Technik und Innovation.
Today Thomas Technik und Innovation is manufacturer and developer of pultrusion profiles and pultrusion lines as well as manufacturer and developer of slatted frames and mattresses. The company is part of the family-owned Thomas Holding with 200 employees in Bremervörde, Lower Saxony.