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After the invention of the slatted frame in 1957, we revolutionised the world a second time with the invention of wing suspension. The intelligent interplay of spring element, glass-fibre profiles and wings form the basis for a lying comfort that is second to none in the market. The wings are designed in such a way that they adapt themselves ideally to the body contour due to their flexibility in all directions. Due to the large number of support points, the entire body is ergonomically supported and the spine is comfortably relieved.


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Make use of our know-how! Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive modular system for the housing market, rehabilitation and care, caravans and trucks. But we are also available as a development partner for new developments. In addition to component development, our holistic approach also extends to the issues of component assembly and logistics: Tried and tested fixtures are available in workshops for the handicapped to ensure smooth assembly of the components. Logistics is carried out in load carriers optimized for the components.

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