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Radius Pultrusion enables the production of profiles with any desired curvature in the economical pultrusion process. The invention of radius pultrusion eliminates the limitation of pultrusion to straight profiles.
The Radius-Pultrusion process compensates the linear pultrusion to a great extent: fibres impregnated with resin cure to a profile in a heated tool. After leaving the tool, the profile can be clamped by the gripper unit. While in linear pultrusion, the tool is immobile and the pull-off unit is movable, radius pultrusion is based on the reversal of the process: the tool moves on a circular path over the impregnated fibres and the pull-off unit is immobile.
Advantages of Radius-Pultrusion

  • Low scrap rate
  • high fiber volume contents
  • Resin adapted to the requirements: polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane
  • light hollow profiles can be produced
  • 2D and 3D curvature possible
  • Apart from 0°, other fibre orientations are also possible with low distortion
  • Profiles with low tolerances, because the complete hardening takes place in the mould and therefore residual stresses are minimized.
  • same speeds as in straight pultrusion achievable

You too can benefit from this highly economical process for the realisation of your fibre composite components!
Here you can find a video: