verfahren pultrusion

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Linear pultrusion is the most economical process for the production of fiber composite profiles and is therefore ideally suited for use in mass production. We at Thomas Technik + Innovation have been using this process successfully for 20 years.
In linear pultrusion, fibres impregnated with resin are drawn through a heated mould. When leaving the mould, the profile is already hardened and can be clamped and pulled by the following gripper unit. After the gripper unit follows a sawing device to saw off the profile to the desired length. This process is only suitable for straight profiles. Curved profiles can only be produced using the radius pultrusion process developed and patented by us.
Advantages of linear pultrusion

  • high production speed
  • Low scrap rate
  • high fiber volume contents
  • In addition to 0°, other fibre orientations are also possible
  • Resin adapted to the requirements: polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane

Realize your lightweight profile together with us!

Tip: Extremely thin-walled profiles cannot be produced with standard pultrusion. Due to a special modification of our radius-pultrusion we have a solution for this. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Scheme linear standard pultrusion
standardpultrusion schema
Saw Puller   Mould Dosing Machine
Fiber Rack
symbol saege standard-pultrusion symbol puller standard-pultrusion   symbol formwerkzeug standard-pultrusion symbol harzbad standard-pultrusion symbol faserregal standard-pultrusion